Wendy Martise


I have known JC Benjamin since 2012. He has been my

daughter’s (Katie) personal trainer and mentor for basketball. JC is a great

motivator and coach and has improved my daughter’s basketball skills

immensely. She went from being an average player to now playing on elite teams

in both Illinois and Wisconsin.


Coach JC personally comes to her games and basketball

camps to watch her play and give her support. He truly cares about her

progress and skills. You can tell he loves the game of basketball and

wants his students be the best that they can be.


I have watched JC work with my daughter and with other trainees. I also

have watched him coach his various teams. He truly knows the game of

basketball. He studies the game and has many new drills that he teaches

his athletes. He also gets the most out of his athletes and is a great

motivator when coaching and training.


JC Benjamin is an excellent coach and I recommend him for anyone requiring

basketball training.  He is hard working, excited about his job, and a good

motivator. These positive characteristics will make any person successful.”


Wendy Matrise

Past & Present Track, Basketball, & Golf Coach

5th Grade Teacher

Kenosha Unified School District