Public Charity

Public Charity

Coach JC, a resident of Kenosha, Wisconsin, has formed a Wisconsin not-for-profit corporation, ONE ATHLETE AT A TIME, Inc.

This public charity is a separate entity from Coach JC’s for-profit business.

ONE ATHLETE AT A TIME, Inchas been approved as a 501(c)(3) – public charity by the IRS as of September 20, 2017.

A 501(c)(3) organization  is an IRS approved organization that has a charitable or educational purpose.

Donors who make a donation to a 501(c)(3) can typically deduct all or a portion of their donations from their taxable income.

This not-for-profit public charity is being created to help serve the local community.

This not-for-profit public charity will provide assistance for disadvantaged youth in southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

Before starting this not-for-profit public charity, Coach JC has assisted a large number of disadvantaged youth in southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois to obtain over $1.8 Million dollars+ in college, junior college, post grad prep and high school, basketball related scholarships.  Coach JC trained all these disadvantaged youth at his own expense without charge to the athletes or their families.

Coach JC now continues his mission to assist advantaged youth in southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois to obtain basketball related scholarships at all levels via One Athlete at a Time, Inc.


The purpose of One Athlete at a Time, Inc. is to provide a combination of academic tutoring, mentoring, life skills development in association with athletic training, including but not limited to, basketball training, without charge for disadvantaged youth who are also struggling academically.

One Athlete at a Time, Inc. programs include requiring student athletes and their parent or guardian to sign a written agreement that requires completion of one hour of home work first in exchange for one hour of free athletic training.  The one hour of homework is completed with the assistance of free academic tutors.  After completing the one hour of required homework, the student athlete is then provided with one hour of free basketball training.  In addition, the student athletes are provided with positive adult mentoring and life skills development.  One Athlete at a Time, Inc. programs accept disadvantaged youth who are struggling academically regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, etc.   Click here to review the non-discrimination policy.

Coach JC’s Public Charity Vision:

“One Athlete at a Time, Inc. will help build stronger young men and women in our local community. The discipline required in the game of basketball and other sports to achieve greatness gives these athletes a focal point in their lives. This focal point also provides a sense of family and belonging. Many of these athletes just need continuity, stability and adult mentors so they can stay focused on their natural and learned athletic talents. The athletes in this community deserve a chance at reaching their dreams and can do so with just a small amount of assistance.


Student athletes working with One Athlete at a Time, Inc. will set goals not only related to basketball, but equally if not more important, for academic achievement and life advancement skills as well. Too many athletes from our local community have become stars in basketball and other sports based on their raw talent alone.  These same athletes then have their dreams shattered because their goals of completing a college education or turning professional were never achieved because of poor study habits and limited life skills.  With a regimented program in place and the resources to help our student athletes with their schoolwork and athletic training, they will advance their talents in all areas of their own lives.”

Members of the community who desire to volunteer their time and students who desire to complete community service hours can also donate their time as mentors and tutors and become an active participant in Coach JC’s public charity.  Volunteers will be subject to a background check for being allowed to participate.

  • Please contact Coach JC to learn about how you can make charitable donations of your time, money, equipment, supplies or other resources to support his public charity.

You can make charitable donations of any kind at this time, that are tax deductible, to help support Coach JC achieve his public charity vision and start changing the lives of these talented athletes in our community.

Grants Awarded/Donations Received:



02-27-2017 Coach JC and ONE ATHLETE AT A TIME, Inc. sincerely thanks Chase Bank of Kenosha for donating a box of school supplies to be used for academic tutoring.
10-22-2017 Coach JC and ONE ATHLETE AT A TIME, Inc. sincerely thanks Annette Hull and Scott Hull for their monetary donation.
12-27-2017  Coach JC and ONE ATHLETE AT A TIME, Inc. sincerely thanks Chris Margetson and Margetson Woodworking for his monetary donation.