Jody and Bob Selensky


We’re still basking in the pride we have in Caleb for this achievement!

 And, of course, we owe a great deal of his success to you and your Academy!

 If you know someone who needs to elevate their basketball skills level, we highly recommend JC’s Basketball Academy!

For 5 years, our son, Caleb, tried out for AAU, middle school, and high school teams, but he always fell short of making the team. In July 2015, Caleb began training with Coach JC at JC’s Basketball Academy. Four and a half months later, Caleb earned a spot on his high school varsity team!

During the one-on-one sessions, JC assessed Caleb’s weaknesses and tailor-fit his training to work on those weaknesses to turn them into strengths. Participation in JC’s Basketball Academy 4-day Shooting Camp also helped improve his shooting skills. Coach JC also encouraged Caleb to work on the “mental” aspect of his game by recommending useful reading material. Caleb is now more aware of how vital self-confidence and a healthy attitude are in the game of basketball (in addition to having strong skills); making him a more well-rounded player.

JC’s Basketball Academy is genuinely dedicated to helping their clients maximize their potential and achieve their goals.”

Jody and Bob Selensky