Player Development


Coach JC develops and trains athletes at all levels including WNBA and NBA professional,¬†college, high-school, middle school, grade school, traveling team and club levels. ¬†Coach JC’s athletes compete all over the world.

Coach JC will help develop your athlete into a complete player by improving their overall basketball skill level with emphasis on dribbling, shooting, passing, proper defensive techniques, agility, proper footwork, and game play.

Coach JC strives to build individual skill levels, as well as personal confidence in those skills for athletes of all ages.

Coach JC also teaches successful shooting techniques. This includes proper methods and mechanics to shoot a basketball, continuous drills on ball screens and offensive screens, foot work, coming off the dribble, spot shooting, post moves, individual and team work for shooting.

Individual Skills Training includes youth co-ed instructional classes one hour in length.

Package options are available at a reduced hourly rate including 3 sessions, 6 sessions or 10 sessions.

Each session is one hour in length.

Contact Coach JC for pricing of Individual Skills Training packages.

Adult personal training and clinics are also available at $60 per hour.

Group training is available at Coach JC’s camps.